[SMP 5] [10223] Woodshop, Cafe, and SPECIAL DEALS!

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  1. Godog's Woodshop and Cafe

    I sell all four types of logs (oak, birch, pine and jungle) along with the planks, saplings and leaves.
    My cafe currently sells only bread, melon, apple and soup; but I also have a great supply of sugar canes and pumpkins that can be bought. I will also buy all wood types at 5r/8 logs.

    Prices are as follows:


    All Logs: 8 for 8r (B: 5r)___________________________________Melon: 16 for 6r

    All leaves: 16 for 8r_______________________________________Bread: 4 for 3r

    All planks: 16 for 5r_______________________________________Apple: 1 for 3r

    Vines: 4 for 3r____________________________________________Mushroom soup: 1 for 5r

    Bookshelves: 1 for 7r____________________________________

    Saplings (for 1)____________________________________________Sugar Cane: 16 for 10r

    Oak: 15r___________________________________________________Pumpkin: 4 for 4r

    Pine: 25r___________________________________________________

    Birch: 30r___________________________________________________

    Jungle: 35r___________________________________________________


    Stone: 8 for 10r

    Limited stock, sold cheap! Will change when sold out.

    Current special is: Soul Sand - 8 for 4r

    Please send me a PM in the unlikely event that something is not stocked.

    I am on the lookout for another supplier. I will buy wood from you at 6r/8 logs, and you will also receive a weekly bonus if you're the top supplier. If you're interested please message me, or reply below.
  2. Nice! I don't know the average price on smp5 is, but I guess the price is pretty fair!
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  3. Meh logs on smp5 go for 45 to 55r a stack ..... Most other seem alright cause gather materials also I dont sell saplings because use most of them to replant or keep for storage...
  4. I like to keep it at that price so anyone selling to me can get a good deal.
  5. New Store Special! Soul Sand 8 for 4r!
  6. Hmmm I might be on later tonight and buy some, but a ugly storm is passing where I live so no signal :( lol