SMP 5, 10223: Woodshop and Cafe

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  1. Godog's Woodshop Stop and Cafe

    I sell all four types of logs (oak, birch, pine and jungle) along with the planks, saplings and leaves.
    My cafe currently sells only bread, melon, apple and soup; but I also have a great supply of sugar canes and pumpkins that can be bought.
    I eventually want to add the ability for people to sell me stuff, but currently not enough people buy from me.

    Prices are as follows:


    All Logs: 8 for 10r__________________________Melon: 16 for 6r

    All leaves: 16 for 8r_________________________Bread: 4 for 3r

    All planks: 16 for 12r________________________Apple: 1 for 3r

    Vines: 4 for 3r____________________________Mushroom soup: 1 for 5r

    Saplings (for 1)___________________________Sugar Cane: 16 for 7r

    Oak: 15r________________________________Pumpkin: 4 for 4r

    Pine: 25r_________________________________

    Birch: 30r________________________________

    Jungle: 35r_______________________________

    Please send me a PM in the unlikely event that something is not stocked.
  2. Your saplings are too expensive but everything else is fine.
  3. There is a reason for that: since the main things I sell are wood, why do I want people to easily buy them and grow their own? At least by charging premium I can make something good from it.
  4. 80r for One Stack of Logs way over price dude, On Smp5 logs go for 40r-48r per stack and Planks go for 64:15r, and i understand about saplings deal that why i dont sell them at all just put them in Double chest for furture plantng
  5. Ok, I'll see about changing them. Thanks for the maths :D
  6. godog4 I need a wood supplier at /v oleyy smp5 if you put them in your valut and sell to me ull earn more for sure :)
  7. No Problem man, Next time you on Smp5 check out 10181, Murrgetter and I , Wood Supplier Shop, the 3 res around it is are farms and workshop
  8. Great prices
    I might just pop over
  9. dwight you can directly sell to chests at /v oleyy
  10. Alright going to be pine & Birch, but cant get one Smp5 keeps crashing cause a Someone res has too many Villagers making JAVA crash, i sell & and have other Contracts on smp5,smp7,and smp2 sooo you would get a shipment every 2 or 3 days
  11. oh ok by the way could you report to admins plus I need oak too.
  12. Alright prolly report it tomorrow its 1:30 am where i live and i dont like Oak cause of the branches. The reason blah blah its more eff. to plant birch or pine cause the grow straight up . lol
  13. ye i too cant get on smp 5 i hope to god admin is finally noticing the issue there

    also just got a reply from 1 of the mod's, the whole empire(all servers) seems to be having some technical issues so it maight be awhile be4 we can all get back on
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  14. For Real, I don't complain much but yea hopeful soon, i was making a new lvl to my birch farm
  15. i'm on now so maybe you can get in now too
  16. godog4 can u sell pine and oak log too
  17. Hmmmm its 2am here so prolly going to sleep but get on tomorrow to finish it. Good Luck with the crash tho and your shop Walmart SuperCenter lol