[SMP 5][10223] Villager Trading Emporium

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  1. Villager Trading!

    Screen shot 2012-08-15 at 8.21.31 PM.png

    As most of you will know, the new update brings with it Villager trading, Vanilla Minecraft's first real economy model.

    In light of that, I am proud to announce the opening of the first ever Villager Trading Emporium! So come along and check it out! We have 1oo villagers available, in all six types. There are emeralds for sale to get you started, or bring along a selection of your own resources. 

    *Some of the items you can sell are wheat, paper, gold ingots, coal, books uncooked chickens, raw porkchops and raw beef.

Some items you can buy are cookies, compass, bottle o' enchanting, glowstone, all weapons and armor (including Chainmail!) and saddles.*

    *NOTE: These are possible trades. I cannot promise that they are currently available.

 Check the Minecraft Wiki for a comprehensive list.

    The regular price is 100r for 1-week entry, or 500r for permanent entry. This includes

 access to the full range of villagers
, and cheaper Emeralds.

 New deals will be constantly unlocked as people trade with each villager!

    To Purchase: Either pay myself or matthew816, and then message us that it has been done. We are not responsible if you fail to do so and we miss the payment. Payment is also possible via a chest at the Emporium.
    Once confirmed, we will add your name to one of the signs above the door, and you will have unlimited access into the emporium until that day next week, or for the lifetime of the trade Emporium.

    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask. If anyone would be willing to sell me villager eggs to increase this facility, please contact me and we can arrange suitable payment.

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  2. Im curious... Can you breed villagers?
  3. I comme check it out tomorrow, smp5 is my home server and might be interesting how you did the setup
  4. I'm trying to! I bought up big before the update though, so there's heaps already there.
  5. Price changed
  6. NOTE: many residences are doing this for free.
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  7. I know :(
    But considering how many rupees can be made selling the emeralds and other rare items gained, it's kinda silly not getting anything back from it. It'd be nice if payment was optional, but then people wouldn't pay.
  8. You should consider a lifetime rate:)
  9. That's not a bad idea. How much would you be willing to pay for that?
  10. How muck are your emeralds?
  11. Im not sure what would be good, but at least 400+r
  12. 45r, or 30r if you pay to go into the villager trading area
  13. I sell them for 15 and buy them for 8.
  14. hmmm...if I give you 1/2 stack of diamonds, will I get lifetime rate :)
  15. I'm still deciding on a fixed price for lifetime rate. Will let you know, though.
  16. i'll buy it if it comes with a good lifetime price
  17. want to post a pic of the emporium in the OP?

    (this was a bump :p)
  18. N00b question, what's the OP?
  19. Original Poster.
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  20. Yes, yes you can. I can show you if you want, PM me if you are interested ;)