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  1. SMP 4 Soft-RP, long-distance Wild community

    So I was traveling the wild, got a long way from the spawn and found this great ungriefed NPC Village. I always imagined it'd be fun to do a bit of RP in one, so here goes (I haven't yet named the village as I can't think of something really good - any ideas?):

    The Story So Far:
    Founded by an unnamed Villager and his family, (insertvillagenamehere) is one of the Empire's farthest settlements. The Villager had been working as a clerk at one of the many Town shops, but wished for a better life for his wife, three sons and two daughters. So they moved, with dreams of wealth and prosperity.

    They found that wealth. Abundant, untapped resources lay all around! The family grew, and, with the help of other travelers, founded the village. Prosperous times were had by everyone.

    But then the trouble came. Monsters! Zombies of the departed bashing on their doors, Endermen pulled apart their houses, block by block, Creepers destroyed their crops, skeletons rose up from the ground, and Spiders leapt from the rooftops. The peaceful village turned to chaos! Work stopped, villagers huddled in their houses. All this bounty, and no-one to harvest it! Help had to be sent for.

    The Founder's son had a fair daughter. She, of all the village, was the only one brave enough to face the Monsters. To the protesting of her father, she volunteered to make the long trek back to the Town to seek out brave adventures, hard workers, and fierce fighters.

    I met her at the Town gate. She was on the brink of starvation, but refused to eat before she had told me her story. Immediately, I jumped at the chance! This was what I had been waiting for! Too long had I been just another face in town, another sword-wielder with no purpose. And so we will set out...
    I leave this record behind for all those who wish to follow. We will welcome you into our community, and see you're well provided for. Come, grow and prosper!

    If you want to join, post below with a brief story of yourself (in RP), and I will message you the location. NOTE: THE VILLAGE IS A VERY LONG WAY FROM THE SPAWN. Please make sure you're committed enough to make the journey before posting.


    …are pretty basic as this is just starting. The standard EMC rules, especially no griefing or stealing.
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  2. My story:

    I was named Godonovi Dogg, but everyone just called me Go. I was born and raised in the wild, but our house was destroyed when the periodic reset area was reset. We moved into Town then, tried to build our lives. My parents died young, overworked I guess. Money was always tight, but we at least we were never hungry.
    I spent some time in the speef arena, managed to earn enough for a diamond sword and half a suit of iron armour. It was on my first trip back to the wild when I met the girl who told me about this place. It took days to travel, but it was worth it. Finally, I again had a place to call home. Now, I had to defend it...
  3. Sounds Interesting. Another wild community to live in! But where exactly is it?
  4. I didn't want to give the location out to everyone, but I can message you if you're interested.
  5. Ok. I I think it would be fun to live in the wilderness on another server as well!
  6. I suggest asking a moderator to delete the server number - someone could check the live map and head out towards your base.
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  7. oops, my bad. It'd take a fair bit of commitment to do that though.
  8. Come join us! Have your own house in a NPC Village. Farm crops, hunt mobs, and (with 1.3) Trade with villagers!
  9. This... wil lbe griefed soon.
  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
  11. No they don't have to be too committed as they can just go onto the live map and click on you in the player list... Wala! They now know where the village is!
  12. Don't be like that! Think positive!
  13. The story reminds me of Minecraft: the n00b adventures!
  14. He gave away the coordinates. In his sig and the title. For mor ethan few days. He also said what server its on, so there is no hope of hiding from the live map now. This wil lbe griefed. Pick a new server, and try again.