SMP 4 Good Shop Guide!

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  1. Welcome to the SMP 4 Good Shop Guide! On this thread is a guide to all the good shops on SMP 4.
    The thread is cut into 3 sections. The sections are Mega Malls, Large Shops and Small Shops (Only SMP 4's biggest shops will be in the mega mall section). If you want to add your own shop or know a good shop on SMP 4 then please post below and i will review the shop. R=Recommended
    Mega Malls
    -9139 owned by nfell2009 and fellyboy. Sells almost anything at good prices! ***** R
    -9000 owned by pascal1881. Often out of stock but sells almost anything. ***
    -9256 owned by Pineappleassain. Sells almost anything. ****
    Large shops
    -9319 owned by longtibau. Cheap **** R
    -9267 owned by acuraspore. Very Cheap. Sometimes out of stock. **** R
    -9480 owned by trommis99. Sells a variety of Products. ****
    Small Shops
    -8122 owned by Cadgamer101. Jungle shop but also sells useful items. ****
    -8189 owned by Jake_bagby. Sells wool,wood,stone and farming stuff. ***

    Note- This page will be updated
  2. Thank You!
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  3. I like this guide.
    You may want to add more info in a spoiler tab for each shop.
    For example, I sell all four parts (full set) of Chain Armor, and Level 30 enchanted Picks (Silk, etc) and Axe, at good prices, mod drops, etc.
    8122 Jungle Shop also Buys from you, almost everything in the shop, without much markup (i.e. pays you well).
    Also, there are now many double chests that you can sell to, on the Right Mossy Stone Brick wall.
    Thank you.
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  4. Great idea:). i will hope to implement this very soon!
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  5. Bump! For Jake! :D
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  6. I just realized that you are missing at least one,
    8466 ob1bob69-2
  7. You might want to also add a category for the amount of the time they are in stock, like your "*" thing. 9000 is out of stock on pretty much everything, and I think a few of the listed shops aren't stocked all the time.

    And vitiri's shop- opened recently and the only thing out is netherbrick (which I bought all of :D)
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  8. Thanks for the advice guys . I have had no time at all to add more shops and edit the guide as my main computer is broke and i have sooo much schoolwork. Hope to be on more soon and to update the guide
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  9. Thanks Dude, I Really Appreciate This, But I'd Also Like To Say Thank you To My Employee dj_yarr He Helped Me A Lot. I Reached My 100.000 Milestone This Monday And It Felt Good And I'm Going To Be Putting It All In The Shop To Make It Even Better =3