SMP 4: Every Colour of Wool, 1 rupee or less!

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  1. /v 8189 in SMP 4 for cheap wool. Black wool now half price, 10 pieces for 5 rupees!

    *Ask about becoming partners and buying bulk when either CubesAndPi or Fr8ter are on the server*
  2. I swear i readed (and writed) 10 rupees for 5 pieces
    I apologize my fail :p
  3. 10 pieces for 5 rupees = .5 rupees.....
  4. ROFL! Just ROFL! and :D! and ROFL! and ROFL! and :D! and did I mention ROFL!
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  5. Cheap, i guess you know where im going
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  6. I'll be visiting soon too. XD