SMP 4 Community Hub!

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  1. Hey guys! I am here to announce my new project, The SMP4 Community Hub!. Not only is SMP 4 my home server, it is currently the 'recommended' server and is very active with lots of new players. The SMP 4 Community Hub will be a place for new and existing players to check out shops, outposts and much more! I am creating this primarily for newer players that don't use the forums, as often they can miss out on a lot.
    So what will the Hub include?
    • List of shops and mega malls on all servers
    • EMC News
    • The Outpost Index
    • Community Shopping Mall (More info to come)
    • Community farms
    • and much more to come!
    Where is the Hub?
    Welshgamer's res (my alt) at 9006 on SMP 4

    When will the Hub be opened?
    The ETA is the end of January 2014

    I will keep the thread updated and I will post screenshots as soon as work begins!
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  2. UPDATE- I have nearly completed the community mall. There will be 8 lots. The lots are small but will allow you to sell multiple items. There are 6 medium sized (the sizes of medium sized lots vary) and 2 small. The lots are free and it will be 'first come first serve'. If the community mall becomes a success, then I will add another floor with more lots and more room.
  3. Ah, so this is that thingy you're working on :p