SMP-4 9138. Hotel/ Apartments for rent/ sale.

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  1. Features:
    * Large swimming pool floor complete with 3 hot tubs and gender specific locker rooms with individual chest for guest ( no weps or armor allowed in water).

    * RTS implementation. Not enough room for everyone to get direct access to their room so first come, first served.

    *Every room has at least one fully glassed wall with great view of SMP-4.

    *Unique building with "clean" construction.

    * Great shop right next door at 9139 owned by ADDkiD124.

    !! Rooms are currently empty, I finished construction long ago but work has kept me from furnishing it. HOWEVER, i also didn't really want to so i could leave it up to the tenant as to what and where they want furniture to be placed. Just message me with what you want and will be happy to oblige. Basic items like beds are included in price but require your input for arrangement.

    NOTE: Not all items are included and you may be charged for construction will be warned and your permission received before construction begins.

    ***Please respond to this thread to reserve room, please leave your name and gender and what room you want. (floor + direction{ ie. north, northeast, etc.})

    Rent/ sale prices are negotiable.
    Rooms come in two different sizes.
    Come visit at 9138, I will have a few rooms open so you can see inside.