SMP-4:8351: Selling Cheap Planks and Cobblestone!

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  1. Owned by: 3g3g3g3
    Ask for an item, and I will try and add it the the collection. I'm also known for selling cheap glass and bookshelfs. The wool portion of the shop is up the ladder. Also, I'm posting others adds for a cheap 20R! Prices do change due to the server's needs, so one day I may have tons of diamonds for 40R
    and the next day have only 5 for 45R. This is how it works on these servers.
    I'm also looking for workers to go in the wild. Contact me in game since im not on the forums much (My first post). I'm very happy for my store and how far its come. I am planning on moving it to its very own lot! I'm also thankful for all the support I'v gotten for others such as NewsAndReveiws, BioHuman, and others. They each own their own store so go check them out!