Smp 3 Lot 6366 Voted Best Lot by MrFister just now. Lol

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  1. Hey all!! Im just playing im not that conceded, however this is an outstanding example of bending the rules and making an exceptional double lot. Mickwhiskey and I are long time friends before MC was even a twinkle in Notch's eye. Mickwhiskey has a long time art and english background, myself I am a builder by trade and a "minor" @ heart.. (pun was intended)... We have plans for a double lot coaster ride with a Transfer in the trees... I hope to begin that soon.... Mc.jpg
  2. Good luck with this! :)

    Since you will have to get the cart to jump tracks, I recommend that you make a hill and put tracks up it, then do a steep drop, followed by a little bump to give it more air. Also, add a powered mine cart at the back, to give even more POWER!!!1111
  3. I'll think about that, good idea..
  4. That chicken needs a monocle, a tophat and a mustache.
  5. i agree with mrlegits idea.
  6. I think I agree with Omeletrice... a monacle