Smp 3 16 residence display

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  1. Alright so some of you may have seen my last post about collecting enough plots to make this build ive been planning for a while and now i have all that i need and im about to start the build.....well at least the base of the build that the build itself will sit on. once that is complete then i can start on the build itself which should be interesting seeing as most of it i will be making up as i go along. But the reason of this post is to give you all a sneak peak at a small section of what the build will look like so you can see what to expect. also if any of you have any player heads you would like to donate that would be great as well because inside there will be a large section to display everyones wonderful head! alright so anyways here it is. due keep in mind this is just going to be some part of the build im not gonna give away what part i will add another post soon as to what all my plans are for this build though and maybe another sneak peak

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  2. btw there are some items im in need of if you have pm me and leave this thread for comments related to the build and if anyone has suggestions. some of the blocks im in need of is mainly tnt or if anything gunpowder, smooth stone, packed ice. there are many other items im in need of but they are the blocks that i can get on my own and not be lazy about. yet i can get the tnt/smooth stone/packed ice and im not exactly being lazy about getting its just with work/classes it takes up alot of my time and when i do have time im either out gathering items or helping players out. thanks to those that would like to help out!