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  1. SMP 2 is pretty empty some days and at the later times, so if you play on smp 2 post back and say you do :D and if you dont.... well you should!!!!!
  2. And the point of this thread is...?
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  3. I think to try to get more people from SMP2 on?
  4. yep :)
  5. Don't forget voting which also adds more potential people who play on SMP2 and more people on EMC also. You could also make videos showcasing EMC and having fun on SMP2 which can also bring in more people. There are lots of possibilities. :)
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  6. Didn't quite understand what he meant xD First he said 'tell me if you play on smp2' and then he said 'If you don't play on smp2 you should!'.
  7. SMP2 is my home server =) True, it s empty at certain times of the day, but mostly when people are sleeping.
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  8. I bleed SMP2. All day every day!
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  9. Need a band-aid?
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  10. Smp2 is my home
  11. Middle o' the day for me :/

    SMP2 is my home server, also :)
  12. Don't be complaining about smp2 being quiet, at least you're not one of those poor souls on 3-6.
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  13. ermmm, SMP 4 generally has 25-35 people on at any on time thank you very much :D
  14. Smp2 for life :)
  15. Smp2 is where i stay at - I'm on all the time ... from about 11:00am est ... until about 4:00am est the next day ... roughly only going afk for food, online schooling, or other necessities.
  16. SMP9 IS ME LIFE!!!!
  17. Da smp2 drama ...
  18. Sounds like me on SMP7.

    Smp7 has quiet times too. It's not just SMP2. I'm usually on sometime in the afternoon until way early the next morning because I stay up to make sure my husband doesn't just hit snooze and go back to sleep instead of getting up for work on the weekends. It's quiet and we only have a few people on. Sometimes the same people see me and ask if I ever sleep.
  19. Just saying, SMP5 (my home server) has been getting more traffic lately than the other servers (except SMP1 and SMP9 of course) but that's mostly due to Maxarias' mob arenas... :)
  20. SMP2 all the way!