[SMP 2] Eterna Frontier Outpost -Looking For Members!

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I have decided to create an outpost roughly 25kb (kiloblocks) away from the closest EMC outpost. It is in a nice flat - ish area, and there is a Roofed Forest biome,Taiga biome nearby and swamp nearby, along with a normal forest. Near the area there is a towering Extreme Hills mountain, which almost passes cloud level. Did I also mention I found some horses nearby? Anyway, it is a tucked away outpost on the borders of several biomes.

    So if you're interested in living in the untouched natural wilderness of the Frontier and building an outpost from the ground up, ask to join!

    Simply post in this thread saying you want to join. Basically anyone is welcome, except for sketchy people like those who have been unbanned for griefing. When you say you want to join, specify whether you want the coordinates for the frontier base or the nether portal to the frontier base. Using the nether is faster, but more dangerous. You can simply walk to the base in the wild, but keep in mind the base is 25 kiloblocks away from the closest EMC outpost. Once you've posted in this thread saying you want to join, I will PM you the coordinates. It would also be cool if you posted what you're really good at in minecraft. Not having is specific talent is fine though.

    -way2smrt (Mayor)

    -establish farm
    -establish pit mine + strip mine
    -create hidden nether base
    -create town hall + fountain square thing
    -explore mineshaft


    Live map

    Zombie pigman

    Mountain overlooking roofed forest

    Mountain almost touching cloud level

    I'm pretty sure the outpost satisfies the minimum requirements. It is far away from any EMC outposts, and the area where it was built is all new chunks, so it is highly unlikely there is another outpost close enough. A locked chest has been placed. PM for coodinates.
  2. i wanna join! ill make the mine!!!!!! pls pm coordinates
  3. Dude... this was made in 2014 and way2smart quit emc. U wont get in soz :(
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