SMP 2: 4077 Event & Sales Center!!!

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  1. Hey Guys,
    It's Frosty_Penguin and Golden_Guppy and we just had our grand opening to our event and sales centre on 4077 on SMP 2. We are pleased to announce it was a huge success; our grand opening profit was 149,323k! A huge thanks and shoutout to wolves for contributing 75k capped by the purchase of 1 beacon. In addition to that, a new record for 4077 was set, 28 EMC members were partaking in some form of economic activity at the same time on this residence. Everyone involved had an awesome time buying, selling, auctioning, dropping, trading, and chatting. It was the most fun I have ever had on EMC in my personal opinion. It was such a huge success, that we decided to undergo massive renovations on the already gorgeous greek-inspired structure. New features will include: multiple levels, private drop/auction rooms, trading center, open concept, piston selling system, and much more! We will be selling everything from witherskulls to glowstone to emerald ore! We are glad for all of the community's support and guarantee another very huge and special event will be held in the end of april as well. Thanks again for everything, and we hope to continue to serve the community well!:);):cool::D
    ~Frosty_Penguin & Golden_Guppy
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