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  1. Hello all you shop owners out there! Have you been thinking about expanding to other servers but don`t have another res to build a store on? Well, I may just have the solution for you!:)

    Under my res I have built a massive store. It is divided into 4 sections with a park in the middle. Each section is 2 floors which can be rented seperate. I built this because I was going to operate the store myself but realised I prefer to build than make rupees. ;)

    So, I hate for the place to go to waste. For the next month, I am going to lend the spaces out for free. If this works during the month then I`ll keep it going.

    So, if you want to take advantage of this oppurtunity, drop by my res and check the place out. Currently there is a shop already open, Bob_9251 Timber Store. To teleport to the shops just use his shop teleport, it`ll be right in front of you when you pop up. As the other stores become occupied I`ll turn on their lights and those around them. Also not all the chests have been put in. I`ll add or remove chests as requested.

    Some other plans for this res include five star appartments, a spleef arena, maze, and other things as I think them up! Already here are the food court and green houses.

    To apply for this oppurtunity you must have a shop on another server, not smp 2. It must be well stocked and taken care of. Also, to avoid duplicate shops, you need to tell me what you plan on selling. Try to keep it to one genre, like Bob and his timber. He sells logs, planks, and the stuff you need to start your own tree plantation.

    Please fill out.

    In-game name:
    Server and shop address:
    What you plan to sell:
  2. So no one wants to take advantage of this oppurtunity?
  3. I might. I currently have two stalls on 7, at kilmannan's Arabian Marketplace, 14008, and also my enchantment shop on my own res, 5353 on Utopia. I don't really have a "theme" though. I'd probably want to sell mob drops.
  4. I could do with one. I will check it out soon.
  5. We don't have anyone selling mob drops yet. If you do feel interested and would like to set up shop, pop by my res and let me know if you would like a top floor, bottom floor, or a quadrant.
  6. ill take one im acrually from smp5 so ya
  7. You'll need to tell me what you're going to sell.
  8. In-game name: pat2011
    Server and shop address: smp1, 1385
    What you plan to sell: wool
  9. Okay, we have three confirmed areas taken, still five to go!