SMP 2, 3040 Giveaway event.

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  1. Short and simple. I reopened my shop at 3040 (SMP2) after some design upgrades. Im celebrating with a giveaway tonight around 7:00pm CST.

    There will be 5 hidden "free" chests with one iron ingot on this res. This iron ingot will be your ticket to 3,040r.

    Thats 15,200r in prizes. You CAN win more than once so stay sharp. Hide and seek, bring your flashlights. :D

    Hope to see you there. As always thank you everyone for the support and business!

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  2. cool!

    this is 5pm PST and 8pm EST.
  3. Sorry it was short notice for a lot of you. This wont be the last fun event at the Thirty Forty. Thanks to everyone who attended. It went quicker than I thought. You guys are good at this!