SMP-1 Moderators Needed Immediatly [locked]

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hash98, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. These are rated 18+ pictures.
    NSFW snip ;P

    We were playing peacefully and then Boom.
    I tried contacting moderators but none were on ATM.
    So I just wanted to post some pictures here.
    If any of this offends anyone I will immediatly take down the pictures.
  2. He was kicked numerous times but never banned.
    He offened many people not just me.
  3. I know this is sorta kinda not the right place to report, but since no mods were active I had to post it here so we can eliminate the threat quick.
  4. Well he got banned from the system whilst I was making this thread so sorry, please a moderator lock this thread.
  5. There should be a plug-in that automaticallly bans people thatt uses certain words. I know that there are certain ways around this but they will not know if they are raging.
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  6. He is Now Banned he is no longer with us so we must not worry about him here anymore :)
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  7. I like that idea. I mean this guy went on and on and on to the point I turned my chat off.
  8. Sorry guys, I slept in :D Glad to see the system took care of it. Locking this one up.
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  9. and also to the point you that you had to log out
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  10. Thanks margaritte:)
  11. I just wanna say that this reply will probably be posted before this thread is locked.
  12. Who was he talking to, everyone or was he singling out one person? Who is Owen?
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