SMP 1 East Outpost Problem

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  1. I was returning form my home in the wilderness and found this. 2012-04-04_18.40.48.png

    This is at the East Outpost, I don't know if the other outposts are like this.
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  2. hmmm.... Either Justinguy, GameKribJEREMY or any of the other senior moderators were playing around(which seems highly unlikely) or a hacker. Better private message justinguy about it as soon as possible.
  3. The west outpost

    The other 2 are fine.
  4. Well I have private messaged Justinguy about it so it should be okay after he takes care of the problem.
  5. Take the lava!
  6. That is the problem you can't take water/lava or build in the protected area. So it was either staff or a hacker.
  7. grieferrrrr
  8. Quite correct, no staff members with the permission would do such a thing. I would instead suggest this is a replica of the spawn location made to look like it has been griefed. I could be wrong and it could be legit, but I have suspicions of a prank here. :p
  9. Thats not the size of the normal outpost so its a fake
  10. Yes it is fake
  11. Photoshopped. 0/10
  12. Nah just been built with blocks. BTW has anyone actually seen this outpost? Maybe jvec31 built these on creative mode and has single player commands so he switched back to survival totake the screenshot... I'm not trying to blame him for doing anything bad I'm just stating a fact.
  13. actually i went there and it is like that
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  14. he isnt lying, just visited it personally!
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  15. please people, if you think it is fake go visit it yourself and AFTER visiting it post your opinion. if you cant verify that it isnt real, state it in a way that people know that you havent actually visited it. we dont want to make people feel unwelcome by calling them a liar when they are pointing out something they think is suspicious