SMP 1 958 - Biscuit Modern House ~Eclipsys

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  1. Hello People of the Empire!

    I bring you the second build I built for Biscuitboy5396 today! The Biscuit Modern House. It's based on a sketch I made at university :D! Main building materials: White wool/Stone brick/Oak planks.

    javaw 2012-10-08 22-28-30-67.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-29-01-88.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-29-12-72.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-29-29-39.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-29-55-26.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-30-07-36.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-30-15-89.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-30-33-98.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-30-55-46.jpg javaw 2012-10-08 22-31-01-92.jpg
  2. Nice! I need my house rebuilt because it's to dull. You could check it out at 6189 on smp3.
  3. I'll do that once I'm out of bed tomorrow :D
  4. i love those long grass steps, my uni has a big amphitheater version of them around the cafe XD
  5. Have you ever heard of The Voxel Box?
    Because with building skills like that, you would definitely get on the server, just saying.
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  6. Nice build.
    I'm happy supplying all the materials from Faith Inc. Mall 1111
    (Not advertising here =p)
  7. Except the wool
  8. Eclipsys bought around 10 stacks ;-)
  9. That's alot of white wool :eek: As ever, I am amazed at Eclipsy's builds. Perhaps when I get my iron supporter, and enough rupees, I will someday have one of your builds in my res :p
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  10. I bought like 50% from Faith n 50% wool from Bisc :D

    This is what came out of it! A nice modern build :D

    I'll check out TVB :D
  11. Any chances of a discounted build? I did expand the LLO guesthouse for you. :p(Just trying to make more posts.)
  12. xD
  13. If you decide to hire me we'll talk about that
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  14. Nice! I love looking at your build... They're just so awesome! :D
  15. :eek: Eclipsys what are you studying to be in uni? Presuming architecture ;)
  16. Yes, Architecture indeed
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  17. :D You're gonna go far, probs design the presidents hotel or something. Were you inspired to be a architect because of mc creations or the other way around?
  18. I was inspired to be an architect coz I've been addicted to duplos legos the sims and sketchup XD It all started with Duplos at 5, that evolved into Lego's at around 8/9 then I started The Sims and building stuff in Sketchup and now I'm playing MC
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  19. Nice story,
    I played with TONS of lego myself ;)
    Also the new Imgur pics give me this error message: The image you're requesting does not exist or is no longer available ;)