Smooth Stone, Cobble Stone Generators..?

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  1. I've been looking up ways to make some generators, but most of them create Cobblestone. Now I would prefer 'Stone' to finish my house and sell later on down the road. So far all these methods I have tried, create Cobblestone... Now I know what your thinking, just mine the coal to use to make Stone. Well I would if the wild wasn't so deprived of resources that I always have to go to the shops on the server.

    Anyone know a ACTUAL "Stone" Generator method and care to share??
  2. Type in automated smoothstone gen on Youtube It's a small one but will do

    To make smooth stone lava must fall on to water to create it not meet each other on same plain. :)
  3. Smp1 Res 1728 has a public Smooth stone gen :)
  4. Needs' to fall, see that's probably where I've failed.
    I'll try some more builds. I found one that lava falls onto water, let's see if it works out for me :p

    Yet smp9 does not :(
  5. I edit my message for some reason lava and water didn't get type or was change into a different word
  6. Just attempted a new one, and still Cobblestone... Do I have to use a Diamond Pickaxe to maybe get the Stone..?

  7. I use and have built this one for others. But modified a bit.

    Silktouch mines Smooth stone.
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  8. Oo you want smooth stone when mine it yea you need a silk touch to get smooth stone
  9. Just read up on Silk Touch, damn.
    Looks like I'll be buying Coal to make stone then :p
  10. 1. plant saplings
    2. mine cobble from your generator while waiting for trees to grow
    3. harvest logs and saplings to replace chopped down trees
    4. Cook logs in furnace to create charcoal (use planks as fuel for first charcoal, then use charcoal)
    5. cook cobblestone in furnace with charcoal
    6 goto step 2

    After a while your could be adding more furnaces, generators and trees and paying bored players to do the labour while you get rich selling smooth stone and stone bricks to other players.
  11. And so begins my process, very much appriciated :)