SMKS PROGRAM IS SHUT DOWN, The Resistance is now open for recruits.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by arbiter6784, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, some of you may know i was the general of the SMKS well that program is shut down.
    But the Resistance is brand-new and fresh out of the green. Well as an EX-General of the SMKS and AN
    EX-Admin of minersrebel (server) i think i sould make this group, visit smp6 at my res /v arbiter6784,
    Our Current Members:
    General: Arbiter6784
    Lt.General: Jgja1
    both of us are EX-SMKS members, as are the following people below.
    EX-Commander Miciman123
    Ex-Commander S_R_L_B
    Ex-Captain Terr
    Ex-Supplier SunnyDayz.
    I hope you can take the time to post here and let me know if you want to join THE RESISTANCE
  2. The Resistance is futile! Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
  3. Resistance against what?
  4. So punny. :D
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  5. Maybe they're resisting just to resist, like hippies or something
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