Smiley Co. looking for hire

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  1. I have some requirements
    1. I need you to give me all flags
    2. It would be minimal pay for quite a while
    3. you would have to devote large amounts of you time
    4. you have to be completely trustworthy

    I need the res flags for "getaway to mars" which will be a large portion of you pay. If I rip you off, let me banned from EMC for a year (with a fair trial, of course) I may want to have a mod or admin. to watch me, so I am not falsely accused. Realize that when I do this, i risk just as much as you do. Infact, if I rip you off, I will lose EVERYTHING so I won't have anything left from ripping you off. This will take a large amount of trust on both sides of the agreement. In return:

    1. I will pay you 20r an hour till getaway to mars is done, when it is done, I will pay you 100r an hour.
    2. I will trust you with LARGE amounts of my time.
    3. I will not work any less than you do.
    4. I give you access to anything i approve you worthy of having
    5. I will trust you as a business partner
  2. oops, not hire, workers
  3. What is getaway to mars?
  4. it's a resort designed after mars
  5. So your building on your partners res?
  6. It's part of the things, besides, it pays him just as much as it pays me. And, it'll only take up the underground.
  7. Hmm let me consider
  8. everything above 64 is his.
  9. thank you.
  10. I will work. If you actually explain it a bit more XD
  11. I will start tommorrow. Come to /v smile3 on smp8 if you are intersted.
  12. Alright I have decided yes it will be on an alt account res but I can set the flags when can you start?
  13. pretty soon. I will start a conversaition