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  1. Heyy guys, I just got done building the outside of what i wish to be a "Redstone Lab" The idea I had was to have people purchase memberships to the following perks
    1) Ability to test redstone creations in a private sanction for yourself only
    2) Redstone Discounts, such as 1r for 1 redstone
    3) Possibly A private mine?

    I would also attempt to sell services to people. Whether i do it, or you hire a member to do it. We could build some redstone creations.

    Im not exactly sure what else to do with it, if you have suggestions post below

    I will ned redstone/utility donations!
    Rupee Donations also accepted!

    All people will have access to the lab itself, but not the private labs that members have set up.
    Members do NOT have to be good with redstone! USE this place to learn!

    Like i said, suggestions, and donations are needed!
  2. While a nice idea, I don't think the business model works well:

    1) Ability to test redstone creations in a private sanction for yourself only
    This requires you to give "strangers" build, container, use, etc perms for a membership. Very, very bad, unless your membership fees are so high only rich players or players that would have no reason to steal from you, sign up.

    2) Redstone Discounts, such as 1r for 1 redstone
    Many places exist to buy/sell redstone, so if you offer below market price redstone, members can buy you out and dump onto someone else, or a commodity exchange (like my 411 on smp1, for example). They could easily recoup their membership fees doing this. Not to mention, you would then need to get this redstone, which was about 3r each last time I checked current market prices. You'd be at a loss and likely without stock.

    3) Possibly A private mine?
    Unless you build a fake mine on your res and maintain it (highly unlikely and extremely time consuming) or find a public mine in the wild and sell its coordinates, I don't see this working.

    Ok, so enough bad news, but here is some good news. What you can do is put many intermediate, expert, unknown, cool redstone demos and small setups on display where the inputs and outputs are only visible and sell the materials and plans for the build. People can walk by and notice a circuit that they like and buy the plans from you, and the materials too, or maybe ask you to build it for them outright. Something to think about!

    Good luck!

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