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Galasxy s5 or htc one m8

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HTC one m8 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Galaxy s5 4 vote(s) 40.0%
Other 4 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. So I will finally be getting a smart phone in about a week to two and am stuck between the two new ones out on the market, the samsung galaxy s5 and the htc one m8. If anyone finds something about the phones or has a suggestion or comment about one of the past phones or if u already have a htc one m8 please tell. if you have another recommendation then go ahead and say, i am not planning on getting an iphone i am saying now.
  2. If your into more technical things about phones and multi task a lot then the Galaxy S5 is for you. If you want a very user friendly phone that is easy to understand and application accessibility is generally easy, then the iPhone 5 is for you
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  3. i know the iphone interface quite well already and know its easy, im turning 15 so im not worried about it being too complicated, and im trying to stay away from iphone because imo they are not that good
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  4. Agreed. Interface on the htc isn't fantastic, I'd recommend Galaxy.
  5. I have the HTC One 2013 (not M8), so i suggest that you get the M8. I can't speak about a performance comparison as I have not owned a Galaxy device, but the build quality of the HTC One 2013 and 2014 is IMO the best on the market. My 2013 has an amazing screen and the camera is good (don't know much about them though), and it is fast to start up. And the best part for last, its battery life is amazing for a smartphone. I can easily go a whole day from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM on a single overnight charge. And considering that the M8 battery is larger, I would suspect that it gets even better battery life.

    BTW I don't get any sort of commission for this lol, I just have loved both my HTC phones (Rezound and One 2013).
  6. ok thanks for the info, but remember to keep in mind this is the new ones, and im looking for what others suggest on the statistics, which they seem even on, and whats the difference in the interface
  7. actual i believe the htc one m8 has a somewhat smaller battery than s5, interesting enough
  8. and remember to vote, b/c that is wht will have an effect on my desicion as well
  9. Bump, please help me with this choice, especially if you have either of these phones
  10. Do you have a BestBuy near you?
  11. I have the HTC One (not the m8) and I love it! Its general build quality, amazing screen quality (has gorilla glass 2, which is much more durable than iPhones etc.) camera and ease of use (at least for me anyway, I've always been a HTC and android fanboy) is great. I agree that the HTC/Andriod interface isn't the greatest, but it works great for me.

    On the other hand, a family member has the S4 and it looks pretty cool, but I really don't like samsungs tacky interface. To be honest though, I wouldn't say the battery life is too great on the HTC One but saying that the majority of smartphones batteries aren't great, due to our heavy use. :)
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  12. somewhat near, but i will be getting as an upgrade from the closer att store
  13. i have heard the s4 seemd flimsy when holding it because of the plastic, is it true, not that i wont be getting a case most likely
  14. I have better luck finding display models (turned on) of new phones at BestBuy personally.
    An article I read mentioned that they were disappointed with the s5's material make-up. I am looking for it now.
  15. Bump for the me
  16. Considering that the s5 is still very new, I would wait a month. Go out to stores that have live models up for display and play around with them, and check out user reviews and comparisons.
  17. good idea, especially because i dont think it comes out by me at least till the 11, and my bday is the 18