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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DaJaKoe, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. Is the mod Smart Movement allowed?
  2. The answer to this question is no. The reason is that in-game, it lets you move FASTER than the game. Check the guide for more info :)
  3. Also, you can use this mod to climb up walls, which is effectively flying. So, as the others have said, sorry, but it's not allowed to be used on the Empire.

    (Also, this should have been posted in 'Approved EMC mods' not 'community discussion'.
  4. Generally you should add a link to the mod whether it be on PlanetMinecraft or another website and also give a description of the mod. If you were trying to get the mod approved do so in the Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods forum section with a title that reads [Mod Request] Smart Moving and a description of what it does. I just read the description on and I don't think that it is allowed or will be allowed.
  5. no it shouldnt of been posted there :(

    It should be in empire help and support...
    I get tired of people posting 'questions' there lol.
  6. Waits for the bear meme to appear...
  7. kills bare before it comes
  8. dislike
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  9. No. It allows you to climb up walls, move faster in the game and swim alot quicker.
  10. I took this as a mod request, early morning + me = derp.
  11. What should have been done was you should have checked Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods subthread DENIED MOD REQUESTS - READ BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST to verify if it had been denied or not. Before that however, your answer would have been reached if you had read the rules in Empire Guide that specify no MODs that provide an unfair advantage over other players.
    It already had been denied in my thread as well as by the Empire Guide. Smart Moving by Divisor is just above Too Many Items by marglyph.
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