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  1. Well, since I'm writing a story, I decided to make a page where everyone chips in a chapter in 1 story. So, here are the rules:

    1) No swears.
    2) No gore.
    3) No inapporpiate content.
    4) Don't make your chapters 20 pgs.+. Keep them small
    5) Have fun!

    So, who wants to start the 1st chapter??? :)

    Signing off, Ryuga_XI
  2. No gore, but your story had gore in it? :confused:
    Oh well. Here it goes.......

    "You gonna talk or what?" Jake questioned his prisioner. The lady looked at the ground silent and didn't say anything. Jake back slapper the woman, making her squel. "We can make this easy, or we can make this painful." He said as he whipped out a knife. A barely audible whimper came from the mute girl as Jake waved the knife infront of her face.

    "This is your last chance; Talk, or face the consequences"
  3. My reaction to this post:
  4. I have never laughed harder XD
    Please, tell me who made that and did they make more?
  5. They're made by TomSka, and there are six of them. :D Just search "asdf" on his channel to find all of them plus some extras.
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  6. I am making most of this up as I go so it may not be that good but here it goes...
    Chapter 2:
    5 days earlier...
    "Michelle, are you coming?" asked Jack. Michelle and Jake had been always wanted to see Paris and their honeymoon seemed like the perfect chance to go. The exotic smells, beautiful buildings, and romantic atmosphere made this the perfect place for them. Jake had recently retired from his job as a plumber after winning 5 billion dollars in the lottery (he was very lucky) and planned on living somewhere in France. Michelle turned away from the Eiffel tower and waked with Jake back to their hotel. Hand in hand they walked back cheerfully talking and laughing. They had never been happier.

    I will end my chapter here.