Small SMP4 Rollback

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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up on a tiny rollback on smp4.

    a chunk got corrupted so we had to restore a region file back 6 hours.

    Locations affected is any blocks within 0,512 to 511,1023

    If your X/Z coords lies within that on SMP4 town, and you made any changes in the last 6 hours, then it has sadly been reverted.

    This was required as the server was crashing anytime someone went to that area.

    Since we don't have any logs of exact changes, we can't really offer item replacements.

    But, if you do have a residence in this location and was affected by this (as in we can see logs that you were online in the past 6 hours at those locations....) then we can compensate you 5k rupees. PM Senior Staff if you were affected by it (if you do not have a residence in that location, you were not impacted by it!)

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  2. :) glad my res wasn't there.
    EDIT: first!!!
  3. i was impacted by this because i didnt get a free 5k rupees
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  4. Also couldn't this mean some items might have been duplicated?
  5. In theory, certainly was not something a player could have anticipated happening (in order to abuse it).
  6. It ended up happening again which I then chose to use a 2hr backup.

    Though, our backup system runs on 6 hour timers, so I actually don't know how far back the backup was. somewhere around 2-8 hours likely.

    But I think we have it under control now. There could be duplicated items, and if you did get some dupe, please turn them in if it was significant value.
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  7. Ik but it's most likely at least someone got something very valuable out ex: Ore Buster, Turkey Slicer, etc.. Also Aikar are inventorys reset?
  8. Inventories don't reset. Just land.
  9. If you didn't know it was going to happen ahead of time, there is only a very slim chance of any issue.