[Small Event] Jay2a's Hidden Books!

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  1. Thread Title/Event Title: Jay2a's Hidden Books

    Event Type: Scavenger Hunt.

    Event Description: It's a small event, I wanted it to be a little special event so people can win some cool stuff, and have fun trying. I'm going to hide 3 books around Smp1. The books will be hidden in chests scattered around the server, and there will be a powered rail named Jay2a was here!, and they'll have a 6 digit number at the end. If you find one of these and turn it in to me (I must receive the book and the rail), you will get a prize. Do not try to name a rail and say you found it, I know what numbers I put in their names.

    Event Time/Date: The event will be held tomorrow, at 3:00 PM (Alaska time) and the scavenger hunt will begin.

    Event Location: The event is on Smp1, in town, and do not look on my residence, it's a waste of time, and I didn't hide a book there. The books are hidden on 3 random residences.

    Along with the prizes in the picture, you can see the powered rails, and the written books I/m going to hide for the scavenger hunt.

    Donations: Donations are not needed, but I will accept anything extra if you want it to go to the 3 people.

  2. Not complaining, but why bother with the rails when books alone would be more secure?
  3. I have no idea, both things are hidden in the same chest, I just wanted people to have to bring back two things. It wasn't thought out, but it works.