Small enchanted pickaxe sale

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  1. I'm selling a couple of mining picks at my temporary store:
    2x Efficiency IV (900) sold
    6x Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III (3000)sold
    1x Efficiency V, Unbreaking III (3600) sold
    1x Unbreaking III (500) sold
    1x Efficiency V (1500) sold
    1x Silk touch I, Efficiency IV (10000) sold
    Everything is sold atm :D.
    Smp1, residence 944
  2. lowered prices
  3. I'd be interested in them. But, are they diamond?
  4. All diamond all unused :p
  5. I'll pay 875 for the first one efficiency 4 I'll come and get it tell me which server and res I will pick it up tonight sometime.
  6. Lol i see your res on first post my bad will be there at around 7 ish eastern time
  7. updated stock