Small downtime for all servers on 11-Dec-2011 @ 2:30pm ET

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Today (11-Dec-2011), at 2:30pm ET (19:30 GMT), all servers will be down for approximately 15-30 minutes.

    This is the second part to yesterdays update. It will implement the new Empire Rupees system. Everything about it will be posted on the front page of the site as soon as the update is complete.

    Once again I try and keep downtime as rare and small as possible and apologize for anyone who goes crazy not being able to play ;)
  2. It's all A OK Justin, we all look forward to these new updates!
  3. Rupee system update = WIN! :D!
  4. Only 30 minutes, well worth the wait!
  5. what is new
  6. I hope he will explain how to access these new features :eek:
  7. I'm sorry about this i feel stupid asking :confused:
  8. sorry about what? :confused:
  9. Please wait. The information will be released once it is ready.
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  10. ok twitch:rolleyes: im waiting
  11. asking i thought the info was released already:D
  12. Ok guys, the servers are down, be patient they will be back up shortly :)
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  13. i call dibs on smp2! lol
  14. Is it me or did that Rupees tab option just appear? :eek: it said + 3889 rupees to me. It is coming along good so far :D
  15. ok mr2 wil do ;)
  16. We already knew they were going to be back up shortly I just didn't want to comment what was on my mind when I read that. -cough- :rolleyes:
  17. ohw goody! Empireminecraft is bad for my exams mkay? :p
  18. ^ what does exams have to do with rupees/EmpireMinecraft? o.o?
  19. Just about done, going to be starting each server one by one now.
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