Small downtime for all servers on 10-Dec-2011 @ 3:00pm ET

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Tonight (10-Dec-2011), at 3:00pm ET (20:00 GMT), all servers will be down for approximately 30-45 minutes.

    This is to upgrade the storage systems for all the Empire data (for nerds, it is to adjust the master slave configurations for MySQL). When the servers come back online nothing will be changed as far as game play goes. Instead this is paving the way for future updates and more integration between the servers and the website.

    I try and keep downtime as rare and small as possible and apologize for anyone who has MC withdrawals ;)
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  2. lol MC withdrawals

    Edit: O god its happing NOOOO!!!... What it’s not down yet umm... never mind
  3. Dont worry, not a big deal.
  4. Ahhh is this one of the updates you were talking about? ;)
  5. Is this the update containg the updates to the rupee system you were talking about Justin??
  6. Very nice, maybe I'll get some school work done.

    *Starts playing something other than MC*

    Well, it can wait till tomorrow after all.
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  7. The updates to the rupees system will be later, but this is required to prepare for it.
  8. Right ok! :p
  9. Its the 11th here for me, does that mean the downtime wont affect me? jkjk :D
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  10. Just like I do. Lol

    And JustinGuy, will there be an announcement when it's back on?
  11. I will post in here when they are back up, you can also click on servers at the top of the site :)
  12. Ooh.
  13. *sigh* Story of my life... the horrible thing is I don't care!
    Oh well, self control. It's a learning process. ^_^
  14. thx justin :p but i was just freaking on Mc lol
  15. It's not self control for me, I just have ADD and forget about it. No joke, I have ADD. I take medication to help control it. o.o
  16. Hey Justin, know you're probably busy w/ the servers right now, but whenever you get back to this thread:

    I noticed the fancy Status on the server pages. Is that directly linked to the server so that it automatically updates itself, or do you have to manually adjust it to say "Preparing to shutdown/Down for repairs/etc."?

    Just curious.
  17. Its all automated for the most part :)
  18. All servers are back online, please report any problems. Thanks for your patience, I am locking this thread because it is done.
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