Small contest: The 1 hour single player race

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  1. My power recently went out for about a day and a half, so I was stuck with just my laptop and the little bit of wifi that I could travel to. So I started a new singleplayer game wich is not difficult in the least bit, even on hard. I got bored, so I timed myself to see how fast I could build things. I will post pictures later, but I thought it would be fun to see who can become self sufficient the fastest.

    The easiest way to describe self sufficiency in minecraft for this contest is:

    - An Ample supply of coal or charcoal
    -Shelter capable of protecting you from mobs
    -A bed in said shelter
    -A reliable, renewable food source
    -A productive mine

    For the timing I generated a random seed, and then stuck around the spawn. Contestants will be able to move if they want to, but it will eat up time.

    Prizes so far - 10k rupees

    Submission time - open ended for now

    Basic Guidelines-
    The person closest to these objectives will win:
    A farm capable of producing one of the following: a stack of melons, 5 bread, 5 cooked chicken or other animal
    A mine that has provided Iron, redstone, lapis, gold, coal and diamonds.
    A shelter of some type that has a furnace, chest, window, door and bed in it

    1k for each of these you accomplish:
    A minetrack into your mine
    A sand mine
    A brick house
    A shelter with more than 5 rooms
    A full stack of iron, gold or diamonds
    A full set of gold or diamond armor
    A full set of iron or diamond tools.

    Ad 2k for each diamond objective beaten.
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  2. How much is a ample supply of coal?
    What are the regulations for a productive mine?
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  3. Let's say... at least half a stack of ore and half a stack of torches.
  4. Challenge accepted.

    Thank you for the fix. Sometimes I don't think about my spelling. :p
  5. I think you mean "accepted".
  6. I always make very slow progress in my single-player worlds.
  7. Added some guide lines
  8. Now we have to find a mine shaft? Melon seeds are only obtainable through mine shafts.
  9. Is this on ssp or smp?
  10. No, those are just one of the farms that you can use. I will clarify it
  11. SSP
  12. sounds good. do we time it, or do u say GO!
  13. Time it yourself. The simplest way to do it is make a post here saying you are starting, then create a single player world and save it 1 hour after you start, and exit the game. Go back and take a ss of the screen where the save is, as it will tell you the date and time of the last save. Then post that time stamp, and then you can take screen shots etc.

    A video also works very well, and I will look for other ways to do this for you guys.