Slozon's SMP3 chicken coop.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jackomighty, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. PLEASE tell me this issue has come up before? Slozone has a chicken coop on SMP3 right next to the town spawn that LAGS the whole area, which makes it incredible hard to work on my house. I havn't seen him on smp3. Ever. I know we can't take down houses, but if your out there Slozone, could you kill a few chickens? Lol..
  2. Slozon's residence is not an intentional chicken coop, somebody simply hatched all of them and created a havoc. I did a similar thing to Green_Mystery when SMP3 first came out, though in a much smaller area.
  3. Wait :O so they means, in turn. That we COULD infact kill the chickens ?
  4. Yeah, if you throw a potion in. This has happened to me AND the mod ISMOOCH when someone threw a potion into our chicken coops (i left my door open, ISMOOCH's was in the open) and killed all of our chickens. If you wanna take matters into your own hands, i think i could make a poison potion for ya.
  5. Poison potion? Brilliant.
  6. Want me to send one to u?
  7. Yeah lol ill be on in a few hours
  8. what server are you on I'm on now?
  9. Just so you all know, the chicken problem has been dealt with. :)
  10. Yay!!!!! i don't have to use my hard earned poison potion!
  11. Lmao I was searching google and came across this :-s