Slow Potions in Town?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MammothCat, Apr 10, 2012.


Should We allow slow Potions?

Yeah 8 vote(s) 72.7%
No 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Well i was playing on smp3 and i thought it would be cool to slow people down while they are playing in my temple of traps :p.

    Then when i threw a potion i saw that i was slowed but the person I threw it at wasn't.

    I am a little upset about this considering i made a batch of potions for nothing....

    So i may be requesting if you can enable slow potions and if not state a reason why.

    Thanks -MammothCat

    Okay i believe i have come to a decision to make this post to allow potions through a FLAG so people can do what they need to with traps, fun, and more
  2. I noticed this also but with poison potions
  3. Back a few MC versions ago they made "harmful" potions respect the PVP flag, sorry.
  4. :( that killed an idea i had for a project
  5. what about if they come out of a dispenser? do they affect everyone or noone?
  6. I am honestly not sure, test? My guess is they hurt everyone because the entity it is coming from (dispenser) is not a player.
  7. If they come out dispensers they don't affect anyone
  8. Wait, Justin, can't you like fix some type of file to make slow potions not be PvP, they do nothing to harm anyone but rather slow them down which honestly, can't kill anyone.
  9. awww, so much for slow traps in a maze then
  10. I can think of at least two ways that a slow potion could be used to initiate a PVP scenario, both of which involve fire or lava. Neither of which are friendly or allowed. Since all the worlds on the server use the same flags for PVP, I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be very easy to make Slowness potions non-PVP in town only. Frowny face.
  11. I only would like it to be allowed in TOWN because fire and lava cant kill you in town. I'm not asking for them to work in the wild so it will assist PvP. I just would really like them to work in town for my project purposes because many people would like to have them work against others but themselves.

    Like a potion flag? That would be a really good flag for people who need slow potions.