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  1. Ok so i am creating a Enchant shop and had a little trouble with how the slot signs worked cause enchants have diffrent number things.. But the person can only buy from Slot whatever. So do you have to constantly be moving the books around to slot whatever the signs says so people can buy that enchanted book? :S ...
  2. Here's my advice, have it set up for slot 1. Fill all the other slots with dirt. Then have a hopper feeding into your sell chest from another chest with the enchanted item. This way you will always be restocking without you actually having to do anything. Make sure you don't put anything other than the enchanted item in the feeder chest
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  3. /itemid i believe is the command for getting an items shop sign id # which you could put on the bottom of the sign
  4. You can't every enchanted book has a diffirent ID every time
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  5. You can do slot 24 instead and it will use the hole chest not just the first slot (if its a SC).
  6. Hey Kells :D

    If using single chests do :
    [ slot 27 ]
    And put the books in backwards ( last slot to first, right to left, bottom row to top )

    If double
    [ slot 54 ]
    Backwards to forwards in slots

    If using a DC to sell 2 books I can explain more but that should be good for now

    And there's always an example of this at 10013 :D

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  7. How do i buy from these "slot" sighns for me it says item not identified or unknown item?
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