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  1. slimes 4 sale 57 each i have 2 stacks i also sell in stacks stacks cost=3648 2012-02-08_16.02.47.png 2012-02-08_15.55.43.png
  2. Do you mean slimeballs? Where can we buy them, you did not specify the server/lot?
  3. Btw bear if u hit slimes with wooden swords they multiply more times and u get more slimeballs
  4. is that price for real or?

    normally sold for 35 rupees each.
  5. fine ill sell 4 40 each
  6. and u just pay me and pick them up at my lot
  7. cool slime farm
  8. um do u man slims [] or sloime balls o
  9. Lucky you have a succesful slime farm. Plus i beleve punching them will get you the most slimes and slimeballs.