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Should EMC up the spawn rate of slimes

Yes 7 vote(s) 33.3%
No 14 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. I have a an idea that would make it SO much easier to get slimeballs. I have a farm, two chunks in it, and guess what? I only get about 10 balls AN HOUR. So I request for, if you can, increase the chance a slime WONT spawn from 90% to 45%. The would still spawn only in the chunks, but it is really annoying to have to spend hours to collect slimeballs. So just please... somehow up the spawn rate?
  2. If the spawn rate is increased it will mean more Slime which will mean, aha, more Slime on the market which will lower the rate as supply starts to close the gap on demand.

    I have only ever found two Slimes in my time digging out bedrock and I think the average rate is around 50r for a Slimeball, but that makes it a challenge to obtain and makes some people more inclined to actively attempt to find the sweet spot for their spawn.

    I say leave it as it is and lets keep some things scarce and valuable.
  3. Where the crap did you find somebody selling for 50?? I can rarely find it below 95
  4. Are you serious? So many shops sell rare goods at prices that are as low as dirt is weak.
    And no, keep the rate the same
  5. Wow are you joking? They are about 30R all over SMP2...
  6. i sell them for 50 at my shop on smp2, res #3709 :D
  7. I find slime balls to be incredibly abundant ever since 1.0 came out. I think they changed the way slimes work a bit... something about how bigger ones split into smaller ones.

    I sell slime balls for 50 rupees at lot 606 on smp1, Shop of Horrors. And in fact, I've got so many of them right now that I've been considering having a half-price sale, lol.

    So yeah, no need to change anything here.

    It's most likely about finding that sweet spot, as suggested. Maybe I just lucked out, but I think the fact that I dug out a massive multi-level underground chamber where I noticed slimes spawning might have something to do with it too.
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  8. People drive harder bargains on smp1 I guess than...
  9. Oh. Did. Consider 2 rooms wot do much. I'll just join in Envoys huge multi later project.
  10. LOL I have been selling them for 29R on SMP2 lately, but I have sold them for 25R at one point. I know many shops sell for around 30 though... surprised to hear so many selling for 50. :confused:
    Anyway, my slime farm doesn't produce great numbers of slimes either, but I don't think the rate needs to be raised. I don't know how everyone else gets so many slimes, but for me it's just a lot of time spent in the slime farm, and a looting 3 diamond sword! :)
  11. Yeah, my shop prices have been fairly high ever since the Empire's population boomed and a new merchant popped up on every corner. This is partly to encourage people to buy from other shops first... I'm not in any great need of money.

    At one point there was a serious slime ball shortage, just before 1.0 came out, and I actually raised my price for slime balls to 200 rupees each.

    I'm glad the great slime ball shortage of 1.8 is over. Tough times those were. ;)
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  12. I know, I remember buying some from you when xx_hex_xx had run out, they were some expensive pistons :p
    They are becoming very cheap now however, and their spawn rate does seem to have been improved in 1.0.0.
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  13. Really, slimeballs should be worth absolutely nothing on SMP3, considering the vast amount everybody seems to have.. And yeah, slime spawning was changed in 1.0.0 as they now spawn in 24 more layers than they used to and they will not be ruined by overkill.
  14. Well there we go then. :p

    I've never really bothered with slime but always had it in my head that it was a rare commodity which it's blatantly not.

    Tip of the day: Shop around the servers! :D
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  15. Like Liz stated, Slime Balls throughout the Empire, are in such abundance, just shout around and ask, I am sure their will be several candidates selling 'em. I feel it would not only be useless to up the spawn rate of Slimes, but it would crash the economic standards of Slime Balls.
  16. lol. EMC cant up slime spawnrate. otherwise u gonna have to download your client from here. becasue the server have to be mod, and so are the clients. U can ask Notch for this.
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  17. i sell for 40 xD
  18. Since we're comparing our slime ball prices...

    I actually just dropped my price to 30r... I have way too many of them, lol... time for a sale. :)

    Get 'em while they're hot! They're delicious!

    (this time may come to be remembered as 'the great slime ball glut of 1.0.0' ;)).

    EDIT: Price change notification. Price raised to 38r. That may become my regular price for a while.
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  19. Imcoming Customer :D
  20. Thats my fault - Im selling about 3 stacks a day, 1 stack to smp3 and 2 more stacks to other servers ;D