Slime Farms

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  1. Hi i made a 60x60 cave in the wild about 3 weeks ago and it was spawning slimes pretty quick. I just went to it today and sat there for over and hour and not 1 slime spawned. is there a mob spawn limit and if so is it maxed?
  2. What server are you on and is there anyone living close by?
  3. no one lives close but i dont want to say server because i dont want to be live mapped
  4. Ok. There may be someone using a grinder on the same server as you and they must be near the max of 200 or something similar.
  5. I had the same problem in a multi-chunk slime area i had cleared out... over an hour spent on 2 different times during the last few days and no slimes... this was on smp6, possibly could be something with the recent server issues? Are there any other mobs spawning in that area? If not it could be the cap, but in my case when i left the cave there were other mobs up on the surface so the cap wasnt being hit
  6. Try exploring around your area, there might of been a miss happen with your spawner or what ever.

    And mind if i buy like 4 slime balls for my casino? I need 5...
  7. Ya the villager not moving thing is whats happening to blazes as well. idk what they did but they totally messed up mob farming
  8. i dont have any my slime farm isnt spawning anything i sold the 30 i got right when i made it
  9. Oh, and aw...
  10. Digging 60x60 caves sounds like fun XD well i might use a little tnt :)

    wait how tall was it?
  11. 4 blocks tall
  12. I made a slime farm in single player and the same thin happened to me.
    Then I go back and try again and about 20 slimes spawned.
    KEEP TRYING!!!!;)
  13. Single player and Empire server are two different things you have your own mob limit on single player its not a matter of keep trying if other people are having the same problem after multiple attempts
  14. I have two farms. One on 3 and one on Utopia. I have this problem often on both. I am pretty sure it is because of the mob cap. They are working on fixing the problem though - so keep an eye on the forums. I am sure they will announce when they get the fix implemented!
  15. Do you realize you have to be 28 blocks away from the walls for them to spawn?
  16. Mob cap update is coming. Probably once Justin is done rewriting all that code...
    Two other players and I made a huge 128x24x8 hole a few blocks above bedrock. It's eventually planned to be 128x24x50 but we got a little lazy.
  17. But why 50 blocks high if Slimes are only 2 blocks high. I need an expert to help me with this question, I am going to make a slime farm under my base in the wild. Should I just dig out a big area that at levels 1-16 or should I explore until I find a place they spawn and THEN make a farm?
  18. Mine is not for slimes, it's a community project we're working on. Although it does pump out slimeballs like nobody's business...
  19. If you want an expert then go to youtube and look this channel ''theminecraftmuse'' he will have a intro vid there click on the link that says ''slime farms'' and you will know everything that you need to.
  20. I just watched the slime video from theminecraftmuse and There is a lot of misinformation there. First and most importantly - Slimes can spawn up to layer 40. I personally have found slimes - twice (well actually someone else found the second slime then I built the farm), then built the farms around that area. If you spend any significant amount of time underground you will run into one. I am not sure I would just attempt to build a giant box and hope I catch a slime chunk in it. The odds would be good, if you make the box big enough, that you would. But wow that sounds tedious while chancing that you will not find it. I run into slimes all the time. In fact I have another slime chunk marked that I never plan to use. If anyone wants it let me know - I'll give out the coords to the first person to whisper me in game. It is on server 3 - about 1500 ish from spawn I think.

    The best plan of actions - I believe - Is to find the slime first. Then you will be able to dig out an area. The first one I dug out I went 30 away from the point of the original spawn. on all sides. So the box is 61 x 61. The second is 21x21. They both work well but I plan to widen the second one out more just to see If I can catch another slime chunk.

    The best way to do this is to dig out layers three high starting with your feet on 10 - up to 38 ( I think it is) If you dig out a giant farm with ceilings that are high you are wasting a lot of space they can spawn in. They will not spawn in the air. Put your feet on 10 and dig out your first room that is three high. Make that ceiling the floor for your next room that is also three high. Keep going up until you reach lvl 40. I will take some screen shots later today to show you mine! I'll edit them into this post.

    GL with your slimes!