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What's 1 slimeball worth?

0.5 2 vote(s) 10.5%
1 1 vote(s) 5.3%
2 4 vote(s) 21.1%
3 2 vote(s) 10.5%
4 4 vote(s) 21.1%
5 1 vote(s) 5.3%
6+ 5 vote(s) 26.3%
  1. Hey guys!
    I have recently been looking for a slime farm design on YouTube, then building them in creative to see if they work. None have so far... even when I make my own using the common thread in each design.
    So if you have a currently working slime farm that you wouldn't mind letting me take a look at let me know below :) Oh and I want it to be a swamp slime farm, not an underground-certain chunk kind of slime farm.
  2. I don't think the swamp ones are as efficient to my knowledge.. They rely on other mobs spawning and you have to light up a ton more for it to be efficient. 3 slime chunks near each other would be plenty. The reason why slime isn't completely flooded yet? It's annoying to find slime chunks. Plus lighting up caves :L I'd go with a design that only works in certain chunks.
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  3. Yeah, with a swamp slime design, you would only get slimes at night, and they might not spawn way underground where your slime farm would need to be. I have a small slime farm that works okay, but it's pretty far out. I know there is at least one slime chunk in there, I don't know if there are more though. Here is the design I used:

    I haven't tested it fully, but it does at least work. It's pretty easy to make too. You can make it larger or smaller than the blueprints given, it'll work either way probably.
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  4. Whatever design you use just remember slimes dont drown in 1.8 they float. :)
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  5. Really? It makes more sense to me for them to drown. Cause they're slimey and water would dilute them... but okay, doesn't matter to me. I don't like to drown slimes, you get more drops if you kill them with a looting 3 sword.
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  6. I'll build my new design and let you know...
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  7. *To lazy to thank you all individually so "likes everyone's comments* :)
  8. Your sure this works? I read false info in there...
    "that a slime will ONLY split if you do the exact amount of damage to kill it. If you deal more health than it has, it will instantly die, yielding no smaller slimes." Sharpness 5 diamond swords seem to work as well as every other weapon on the face of Minecraft :p
  9. Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted :) It averages out to about 4.5..
    Those of you doing the math right now so you can make fun of me, I did the math, but 3 people did 6+ so I added some more :)
  10. I know all there is to know about slimes. :) ... and this is the first I've heard you must do 'exact' damage to split a slime?

    is that a new 1.8 thing?
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  11. Also.. there is another thread where i posted the critical info on slime farms.. i'll see if i can find it real quick.. and edit this post.

    Here's another thread on Slime Farming:
    Tips on finding slime chunks

    Don't use that design, there are a few mistakes with it that will drop the yeild of slimes dramatically. Possibly simply because it's from 2011.
    Read what I wrote here:

    NB: I didn't mention below, but EMC has rules on the range of active mobs. Meaning, for slimes to move, you must be within 32 blocks of them. To spawn them, you must be 24 blocks away from them, which leaves 8 blocks for them to both spawn and move within, which isn't much. So you must either set up a manual-kill farm, where you move to them and kill them with a weapon. Or you move the slimes as they spawn using water or pistons.

    (The design I'll use will move them with water, but have not tested it yet).

    In that thread I posted this response:

    OK. Some info on Slimes first, then I'll explain my method (seems to work well):

    1. Slimes spawn from level 0-40, any light level, on a solid block. (In slime chunks)
    2. 3 different size slimes can spawn, biggest being 3 x 3, and requires 3 x 3 air space above single solid block to spawn.
    3. Slimes cannot spawn on a torch, placing torches on spawn pad reduces chance of spawn.
    4. Slimes randomly jump in a direction unless they detect a player and jump towards them.
    5. slimes take no fall damage (hence why often found down at low levels as they randomly jump down there)
    6. Jack-O-lanterns are a solid block, and can spawn mobs on it. Glowstone is not.

    Umm.. i forgot some other important point, i'll edit when i remember.

    My method of finding slimes is simply digging 3x3 tunnels through chunks. I incorporate this into mining for ores, Hence, level 12 is a good height (for diamonds). I place jack-o-lanterns in the floor, or torches into the side of the wall to not obstruct spawning.On the border of every chunk, I place a wall in the tunnel at least 2 high. So any slimes spawning can't move outside the chunk, and I know 100% which chunk they came from.

    Once 3x3 tunnels are dug in a 64 x 64 (or 150 x 150) area, I will go down those tunnels punching 5 deep holes in the wall looking for ores and waiting for slime to spawn.

    When slimes spawn, I throw up a sign in the chunk so i know, and wait for more. Ideally getting 2-3 slime chunks together, and then build a large 40 high slime farm with 10-11 spawning pads.

    OK, so maybe that is more info than you wanted. But I'm planning on incorporating these answers into a help thread of my own. :)

    Mining Technique

    Also, as Haro said, using Haste II beacon + Efficinecy V pick will instant break stone, which allows you to mine a 3x3 tunnel at walking speed. I do highly recommend doing this, I do. I use a Silk Touch I, Eff V, Unbreaking 3 pick, which on average mines 1.5 DC's of blocks per pick. So you may need to bring a few picks.
    The stone can then be used to build the slime farm, or whatever else you need.

    Choosing where to look for slime chunks?

    I don't choose any random location. Might as well team the slime farm up with other useful farms in an area to make the most of my being there. So I look for spawners i can build a farm around also, or pick a location for other things, maybe iron farm, or other farms.
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  12. Here are links to the two builds I will attempt to combine, if they work in EMC, I may have to alter it to suit:

    The ZipKrowd server through up a concept that works quite well, especially for EMC with our more restricted active mob range. Just attach a timer to it.
    Bio Reactor Slime farm

    And using cactus kill method, will work with 1.8. (where you cannot drown slimes). But I doubt whether hoppers will grab slimeballs before cactus destroys it (EMC seems to have different/slower hoppers).
    Chunk Based Slime farm
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