1. I am in search of slime balls. All the shops I have come across that sell them seem to be sold out. So I figured I would post this here asking if it is possible to restock them or sell me some since chat goes by too fast and its rather hectic all the time. If you could pm me on here or point me to a shop that has them IN STOCK that would be most appreciated.

  2. I can sell you 5 if you want for 35-40 rupees if you want :)
  3. 5 for 35-40? or per?
  4. I have like 40 something of them on utopia :p
  5. Well can non-supporters purchase in utopia I haven't been on the utopia server all I know is the vault system is free to do there lol. also if smp3 wasn't full right now I'd be searching other servers xD
  6. 1 for 35-40 rupees
  7. keep me in mind then I am interested just need to make more rupees first lol
  8. /v d1223m on SMP3 - i always have slimes, 30r each
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  9. I frequent your store sir, earlier today and last night you were sold out. (I sell stuff to your store :D then give it back cuz I spend it in your store its pretty nice! xD)
  10. Excellent work. I shall make sure I stuff some more into the shop as soon as I can get on...
  11. Notch from above must of heard my cries. I got in and there are 64 slimes in stock now.
  12. TROLOLOL you took my spot i think xD
  13. I will sell you stacks of slime balls for 2K each.
  14. yeah, anyone can buy on utopia. infact it's cheaper to buy on utopia than another smp server because on utopia using the vault is free. non-supporters can not own a res or enter the wilderness/nether, but they're free to wander around town and do anything else on utopia that you can do on an smp server.
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  15. Okay good to know. at this moment I am having a first world problem lol play MC(if I can get on my res server) or play my xbox for a bit...decisions decisions :/
  16. i discovered minecraft around the same time my ps3 arrived. i've not yet played a game on it. :( minecraft is too addictive.
  17. True, but I run in spurts and seems smp3 (my new res server since my return) is almost always full and I wanna work on my res lol :( So if i can't work on that then I may as well play my Xbox while I wait for the population to drop lol
  18. become a supporter and you'll never have to touch that xbox again :D
  19. Tried to already...Paypal dislikes my card and me...always has :( otherwise I'd be a gold supporter right now!

  20. Is the mini-map fine to use in the Empire though?...It is technically a mod.