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  1. AUCTION STARTING AT uh 1kBest Minecraft Servers
  2. You can not auction off used items.
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  3. I can't? I put in a screenshot to show how used it is....
  4. True. Wait… since when are you a diamond supporter? When did you denote yourself?
  5. Please read the auction rules. This is not allowed. You should repair it in an anvil.
  6. could i just sell it in-game and let someone look at it first for like 1500?
  7. He stepped down because of work. A couple days ago
  8. It's in the rules that you are supposed to read before posting an auction my friend :)
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  9. Sorry bout this guys auctions might have changed or somethin since i last did one...
  10. game sells are whatever. Just be a nice person and make sure people.know it is used
  11. so could i just advertise the sale in forums or no?
  12. uhhh how do i take down a thread?
  13. I think it would be more beneficial to do in game, however there is a marketplace forum for sales of items and such rather than auctions. If you choose to use the forums, that's where I would go. But again, I think strictly in game would be more appropriate.
  14. JUst PM a moderator or other staff member.
  15. I should have told you that you couldn't auction used items.... Maybe after you repair it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.