Slender man Endermen!?

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  1. Hey I was wondering if you ever wondered where the endermen came from. :) Well if you don't know the endermen came from a myth of a guy that wears a black suit, has no face and follows you if you see him and he also has multiple arms :). Well I am here to spread the word about the SLENDER GAME! Yes there is a game for the slender men. If you would like to try it out and find all 8 notes in a scary forest past your bed time then go ahead and give the game a shot ;)


    I only got 1/8 notes -_- how many did you get? :eek:

    Pictures of the Slender man:
    slender.png slenderr.png slenderrr.jpeg slenderrrr.png slender.png slenderr.png slenderrr.jpeg slenderrrr.png
  2. sorry for posting 2 of the same pictures idk why it did that but you can just google slender men on google pictures and see some pretty interesting pictures.
  3. I knew that.

  4. also if you play Gears of War 3 for xbox360 this is me doing a 1 v 4 clutch ;D
  5. A little off-topic don't you think...?
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  6. yeah xD but I like this video of me :) the audio is a big messed up :confused: but o well xD
  7. On topic on the Slender-Man.

    There is alot of proof of the creature and has been rising up in sightings since the 1950's.

    Some people do not believe it, but there is alot of evidence from multiple sources to support the conspiracy.

    Anyway, I havn't played the Slender game before, I am waiting for a night where its really late and perhaps its thundering, I want to get a real scare :D
  8. "Notch claimed in public that the name "Enderman" is a "(subtle)" reference to "the Slender Man", a similar looking cryptid. However, given the later development of the End, it is possible he already had the name in mind, and did not choose it because of the Reddit thread in which their name was revealed."

    The above is from (Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. For attribution, see page history).

    The reddit link is here.
  9. 8/8 notes but then I turned around after getting the last note and he killed me.
    1. he is FAKE if you can tell ( which i can ) a lot of the "photos" of "him" are photo shopped. its not very hard to see it. i spent 2 and a half months thinking and constantly looking up things about him. didn't take me very long to figure out he was made up. if these photo's really did have him in them, and they were released to the public then why wasn't he on the news & (or) newspaper? ( or some crappy TV show ) i found no evidence that he was ever real and will ever be real.
    2. by the info on all the fan sites you can easily tell "he" was made up by a bored group of kids to scare there friends. if it really was real then where is all the proof? F12 for a min on a couple of those sites. look at the dates everything was written on. if he was real then why are these photo's showing up now? they are from the 1950's right?
  10. Did you post this in the wrong thread?
  11. Actully, there is actully police reports on people describing him. And true fact, he was refered to on a forum and then the conspiracy exploded, starting off with fanart.

    If he was fake, why are there hundreds of claims of the subject, even around this time.

    You cannot say its real or not, but there is definetly something not right going on.

    No, its on subject with the Slender-Man, the creature that is in the game 'Slender'.
    God I love your signature :D
  12. 2 words:

    Something Awful.

    Something Awful made a contest for scariest creature. Slender-Man won for his creepy backstory, his creepy pictures, and his looks. People started to make fanart and stories about him.
    I used him in a test in English class :3 We had to write a creepy story and I used slender-man, and I WON! :p
  13. like a said before. but lemme say this: how hard is it to make a costume?= REALLY FREAKIN EASY
  14. Did you even read my reply? -_- It was a contest, not a prank.
  15. i did... but its stupid how people think he is real...
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  16. I've played the game. It was fun! I got 7/8 notes. Got stuck on a tree going from 7 to 8 and died so I rage quit lol.
  17. Apparently they're going to be bringing out a map selection. It would be cool to have a skyscraper map, but then desks would be your new trees :D
  18. Nice, I don't doubt the claims their more creepy cases out there. For example I see mangy Coyetes all the time and shoot them because they are suffering but anyways they look chupacabra's freaking looking lol
  19. I can only get 1 note then I die -.- he managed to find me before I could find one note one time =\