Slender in mc! Read the 3 paragraphs to understand

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  1. Ive never played slender but i know alot about it, i know about notes, when you pick the first note up Slenderman will chase you and more. Sooo i thought i would spectate the player until he\she finds the first note, I will then use a slender skin and stalk the player, you'll know im coming when i play a creepy song. I am in the progress of building it with atleast 5 other people, but this will take a while.
    So yeah when i kill them, they will lose unless they dont get killed by me, you'll know when your dead when i say i killed you, im fair so i wont say your dead when i didnt kill you. I am making it right as your reading this. Then i will change the rules of normal Slender. I will have the player find all 16 notes before being killed by me. Comment on this and i will reply to any comments. To see the building progress, go on smp9 and type /v 18457 to see our progress!
    This is a very hard project because we have to build 128 blocks up and surrounding the whole res so nobody can break in. I will be building the moon at the top, it will be completely dark so it mimics the real Slender game, so either look very closely to your screen or turn up brightness. So we have gotten about 6% of the 150% done. We have a long time to go. So if you live on smp9, i wont be chatting much because ill be building. We want to get this done was soon as possible so we can test it, but we cant go too fast to make it sloppy.So in the mean time, have fun on emc ill edit with the percentages every time we can! This is 25& done!


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  2. You, sir, can't be Slender Man because I, as you can see, am The Slender Man.
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  3. What the what?
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  4. He is building the Slender game on EMC.
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  5. Oh. Also, I changed the picture to one more suited.
  6. *Pees pants*
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  7. Exactly i might've forgot that in the 3 paragraphs lol well yeah
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  8. We need black wool! how did i do this? its SOOOOO annoying!:mad:
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  9. That was not three paragraphs... that was one giant wall of text.
  10. yesss its back!:)
  11. LOL thats only one looooooooong paragraph
  12. -_- how dare you post at the same time as me!
  13. I posted a minute before you.
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  14. This sounds like a awesome idea but it will probably be hard to do.
  15. Where are the 3 paragraphs?
  16. haha, lol, go to the teleporter i made, then turn ur sensitvity to HYPERSPEED and run and jump off!! its sooooooo much fun!!
  17. Thanks its super hard to do 128x4=512 We need to build up 128 blocks on each side, we are close to done with 1 out of the 4 walls :( Super big project, it could really help if you donate black wool
  18. What does that have to do with this?
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  19. Come To 18457 To Donate Black Wool The More We Get The Sooner Itl B done!
  20. O im helping creeper