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  1. [Media removed due to offensive content] [ Here's my profile pic instead ]
    Heck Yeah..jpg
    Good thing they're fixing it in 1.3 (in two days!)
  2. Stupid slabs...
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  3. IKR
  4. well i have been toying with the snapshot at least this enables you to place them on the lower and upper side of blocks
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  5. Try to remember when posting video's and such on EMC forums that the rules/commandments apply to those also. So any swearing and offensive material will likely see the video removed. :)
  6. What was it about, because now I can't see it anymore.
  7. Just about slabs, but it contained a fair amount of swearing.
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  8. Awww
  9. Oh, dang I forgot to put a warning (though it would've got removed anyway...)
    Oh well...
    I blame SLABS
  10. What is the video?
  11. That's just Nova, you might go crazy if you watch him play minecraft ...
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  12. DERP.jpg