SkyWars,Darkness,& Timed Survival

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  1. We all know what SkyWars is and EMC will go on a boom of players just coming out of No where just to play Skywars and Do almost what ever they want

    Timed Survival would be a Minigame where you have about 15 minutes to get stuff and thats sounds like a awful small amount of but it will get you to speed up on survival and give you practice,The player with the most valuable resources will win and get 15,000 Rupees

    Darkness is a horror game that some of you horror-roblox players heard of. 1 player will be the BEAST,the beast will have a Sharpness VII which you can not obtain on a sword normally or with commands so plugins will be needed. The rest will be survivors where they will spawn in a different spot,Survivors will have a normal bow with infinity.

    I know Darkness & Skywars will need PVP but who cares,they are just fun minigames.
  2. These probably won't be implemented as they tend to get somewhat violent in the chat and that would not be in compliance with the family friendly aspect of EMC. Also, since everything is custom coded, aikar and the dev team would have to code them, which would take time especially since they still have to finish 1.9, Dragon Tombs, Anti Greif and Empires.
  3. they would then have to get more powerful anti-rude:D
  4. EMC is not a minigame server in my opinion and i dont think it will change, but cool ideas:)
  5. Yeah, they may get us more players. But they won't actually play what we have now. Plus EMC isn't and never will be for minigames
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  6. I thought there was a /games server being added in the future? Or is that just for crashing clients? Or am I mis-remembering things?
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  7. You can get Sharpness VII with commands....
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  8. I'm pretty sure its not going to be for stuff like skywars but stuff like mob arena and firefloor
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  9. This will not make EMC a minigame server but when players get bored of mining or just building they could play these minigames as a break
  10. Minigames servers quite literally qualify for that if they have minigames
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  11. I might support Timed Survival as a mod-hosted event, but EMC is not a mini game server, and I don't see the other two fitting in anywhere.