skyrim texture pack

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  1. whats skyrim?
  2. Are you serious?
  3. *faceblock*
  4. thanks for telling me about it:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  5. FUS RO DAH explains it all.
  6. i am not googleing it becouse i am wating for someone to be nice and tell me about it
    so far i have gotten
  7. Blast your way through countless levels of the game that took the 3D shooter to new heights. Skyrim takes you into the corridors of an alien world, and lets you do away with its denizens. A slipgate has been opened to another dimension, and the plan is for the leader to send his army through the portal to destroy the Earth. Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), the portal is two-way, so you can fight the demonic beings on their own turf. To aid you in your mission, you'll find weapons that include axes, nailguns, perforators (with FOUR barrels!), grenade launchers, rockets, and the most powerful, the FUS RO DAH gatling gun. You'll walk, run, jump, and swim your way through darkened corridors, avoiding rottweilers, zombies, ogres, and other otherworldly beings.

    Satisfied? :)
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  8. looks alot like a poor build on JohnSmiths texture pack to be honest.
  9. doesn't look like sumthing i like i like spawning 400 villagers in a small room make it day and wach them explode out
  10. i looked at the page about it and the sheep are creepy:eek:
  11. Haven't you noticed my EPIC TROLL above b4dman5imon's post yet? ;)
    They are creepy awesome.
  12. duh Wikipedia told me about it like 2 weeks ago trololololol:D
  13. ?????
  14. my first time trolling
  15. Skyrim is just a game that is under-developed and is full of bugs however the game plot is amazing.
  16. ERROR: java encode/script: Could not input enough amount of face palm.
    lol JK. Its a game with dragons and stuffs :3
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    *Only option is "Ok"*
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  18. Oops. I messed up on my reply. *Facepalm*