Skyrim Questions and Answers *may contain spoilers*

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  1. Hey guys, I've played skyrim for about 34 hours since 11/11/11(the day i bought it) and have also read up on every little known fact in articales, commentarys, gameplays, trailers, hidden messages, ect. so please, ask ANY question about skyrim and I will try my best to answer :D, PS: do NOT kill everyone in riverwood(you cant kill the inn keeper shop keeper, or rolaf) rolaf's sisters husband(the lumbermen) will pay you nicely for cutting wood, and if you level up your smithing high enough, the blacksmith lets you take over.
  2. I got a question :D About where to get that dog... Ive heard alot of peeps talking about a pet dog u can obtain, but where n how :D
  3. go to the city on the far left side of the map, built by the dwarves, and at the stables in front of it, you can buy a dog for 500 gold. He is surprisingly usefull against dragons.
  4. ive recently got the game around 7-11-11 was early released in the netherlands. And i love it im a Arch-Mage of winterhold college my speciallty is fire.
  5. or get a invincable dog, in riverwood I belvie, theres a quest where you must find this mans dog, and bring it back to him, just go find it, dont bring it back to him as it isnt a main quest, just a side quest, and it will attack anything that attacks you, and its invincable
  6. I'm a warrior/blacksmith, I LOVE black smithing, I'm trying to take over the blacksmith station at riverwood, im not 100% how but even if I cant, I will still stay there and make armour
  7. Any of u got the shout called : storm call ? it has immense power
    its found either North-East of Ivangrad (jurgen the windcaller Horn)
    and South-East of Riften on the mountain.
    Or in the Story Line
  8. yes, its a dragon language thingy lol, VERY usefull when your trying to raid a village or town.
  9. Im trying on become a all magicskills lvl 100 mage. but destruction and restoration above everything
  10. especially with the last Word called Lightning
  11. Another question, is it possible to marry Aela The Huntress in-game :D?
  12. Errrr.......:confused: you fantasize about a fictional character? That's......strange.
  13. I don't have the game... but i watch Seamus' videos so I kinda know watcha talking about
  14. Eclipsys, no it is not, the closest you can get to marriage with her is by having her make you a werewolf and becoming the leader of the Companions, which I am proud to say I am both :)
  15. Oh ur wrong :D I CAN marry her, but after a certain quest, ive looked it up on the forum already =p
  16. No, its more that the others look old/grey n worn! Aela looks young, and id rather have a young huntress than a old blacksmith
  17. Oh. And why would someone marry an old blacksmith? Lolz
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  18. she is ugly, aela looks good
  19. HEY, I'm a black smith D:, lol how exactly can I be the real owner of a blacksmith house thing and me being a real blacksmith?
  20. Im talking about the Females u can marry in skyrim. They all look Grey and boring, Aela looks good, and is a hunter/werewolf the same as i am =p No offense to blacksmiths, coz im training to be one of them as well :D