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  1. i want to find the dragon claws and i have the claw of diamond, gold, ebony and coral. please can you say me the place of the other claws?
  2. I have no idea I think its part of some quests that you have to take.
  3. ^^^ Most can be found throughout the many storylines. But I must ask, Coral Claw?
  4. From the little knowledge I hold from a long time ago, the purpose of them was to open special doors in Nordic ruins, yes? If for whatever reason you choose to try and seek them out without help previously given, going specifically to old Nord dungeons would most likely get a few more for you. I know there aren't too many to find, however.
  5. Ruby claw :p
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  6. Oh. That makes much more sense.
  7. I think he meant it when he said that. I actually have all the claws and there is a coral claw.