SKYRIM - Great start. Glitch?!?!

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  1. Hi guys, I just got a prerelease of Skyrim for prepaying and the opening scene brought me to a glitch! You start off in a horse pulled cart and it's glitched and the cart gets stuck. I sat there for ten minutes waiting for movement, but nothing! Can anybody explain this/ help me?! D:
    I know ive not been scammed into buying a fake too because of the xbox thing on the disc.
  2. Did you try and restart the game?
  3. Before people accuse me of lying or faking this- here is the game. (notice the official xbox ring on the disc)
    IMG0004.jpg IMG0005.jpg IMG0006.jpg IMG0007.jpg IMG0008.jpg
  4. Yeah, it just did it again. D:
  5. BTW, I'd recommend not playing games prior to release dates, even if you have them. I know of plenty of people who had their entire accounts banned for doing so.
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  6. I paid for it though... Its not my fault they've given it to me early. What if I didn't know the release date?? If anything, the game shop should get in trouble.
  7. why would they ban you if you payed for a game and played before they told you too? thats stupid, they just shouldnt sell it before the release date then..
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  8. Mali, i know whats wrong, on Steam it says that Skyrim is now version 1.1!!! As soon as the real game will be OFFICIALY RELEASED at 11.11.11 there will be a DIRECT UPDATE for glitches, that is what the Gamepage on Steam said. So u better have xBox live =p
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  9. And the too early part, is coz some stores didnt listen to the rules of Bethesda, and released it to early. Bethesda said that it shouldve been released on 11.11.11 coz of the direct Update on friday
  10. I don't know all the details of it, but the main reason is to prevent piracy. While there are times when street error happens, (a store selling the game BEFORE they're supposed to) a lot of pre-release played games means they were copied from somewhere online illegally. While I'm sure if you fall under the "store sold it earlier than they should have" obviously, I wouldn't take the chance. I don't know the policy of how it all works and if they DO unban you with proof you got it early legit, how long it takes.

    It's only one more day, I just wanted to throw the warning out to ya so you don't get your account blocked...I'm sure that would suck.
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  11. It does that on xbox too? I didnt realise it was steam powered. How do all the games update in the packaged games work then? This makes no sense to me. I'm sure people will buy the so-called un-updated games and not have XBL. This means they won't be able to play? It just doesnt seem viable.
  12. Well, on steam u have those Developer updates thingy, and it says ''Once Skyrim is decrypted, you'll then have to wait for another download before playing. Bethesda say that "All platforms going to 1.1 by 11/11/11" with a day one patch that "fixes some minor stability and quest progression issues." Skyrim's going to have a pretty huge world map, and there's bound to still be a few bugs lurking in there somewhere. Oblivion and Fallout 3 had problems with AI getting stuck in doors, objects floating mysteriously and other bizarre anomolies. It wouldn't be a Bethesda launch without a few of those hitting YouTube.'' Straight from Steam this =p
  13. I still dont understand how those fully packaged games that the shops have in storage waiting can be updated without being connected to the internet. Unless there was some sort of timebomb effect update within the disc, but I still don't see how that'd be possible.
  14. I don't think you need a paid version of XBL, just an active connection and a silver account.

    We're getting to a point (SADLY!!!) where it's known that majority of the users have internet which is making game developers completely lazy in making games that have less bugs than they should because they know they can "just patch it later".
  15. That sucks for people who have no internet connection.
  16. I wonder if it is that large of a group though. I couldn't imagine having a game console in todays age and not having internet.
  17. I dont have a console, besides a ps2, and a pc lol Pc, is the best console.
  18. It started working suddenly. The problem was someone who was meant to speak wasn't. It's an awesome game, guys. :)
  19. I just hope that the new creative-Engine isn't as bad as the Oblivion Engine which they used for Fallout 3 /NV etc. As much as I love those games ,those bugs and glitches were awful .