Skyrim DLC announced!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ateamfan, May 1, 2012.

  1. Bethesda have released a name and a screenshot for the new DLC coming soon to the land of Skyrim. Called Dawnguard, not much information has been released for the expansion, although there are rumours of a new race called the Snow Elves and possible quests involving a character called the Snow Elve Prince. More information is going to be at this years E3.

    So what do you guys think? What do you hope it will contain? Are you still playing Skyrim? Tell us!
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  2. Or since I'm part of the masterful pc race, I can get better content for free!
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    Nah, but still. It sounds cool and will give us lowly console players some extra life in the game.
  4. Oh boy more buggy crap.
  5. Aren't we a happy camper? I've played Skyrim for very long, and it's not that bad. All games have bugs.

    I'm curious what the DLC will contain, but I don't have any particular wishes. I've always been satisfied with their expansions in the past, i.e. those for Morrowind and Oblivion.
  6. I so often find that DLC is just one huge rip-off for a lot of games.

    Hence why if a game has mod capabilities, I'll never buy it for a console where you're stuck with whatever the Developer and Microsoft agree to release via Live.

    Much rather go for the PC where I can download dozens, if not hundreds of quality, game changing mods.

    Like Battlefield 3... Whilst I'm not a huge fan of the Vanilla game, I'm happy to blat about in it from time to time. The modding community however is busy reverse-engineering the game files and developing their own Mod Tools which if successful will see all sorts of amazing mods appear, many often changing the layout and design of the game completely.
    Thus why I bought it on the PC, where I've only Eclipsys to play with, as opposed to the XBox where I've got a crapton of my army mates on Live.
  7. This. For the most part the games I'd get if I had a 360/ps3 are console only ones which mean no (real)mods.
  8. It appears as though it is only for 360, but we'll learn more at E3 obviously.
  9. Also, when DLC first started to appear, before the term 'DLC' was coined, most downloadable expansions (Those not available in the stores) were free and designed to increase sales of the original game.

    Now it's "Here's five more maps, that'll be £15 please."
  10. For me, no game exemplifies this more than Burnout Paradise. While their expansions weren't all free, they were cheap and added a lot of features each time. From when I bought the game to now, the game feels like it grew so much that I feel like I got the value of 3 or 4 games for the price of 1 plus the little the expansions cost.
  11. Yep, whereas now it's almost like buying a full price game for nothing more than a handful of maps, some new guns and a hat.

    I always keep an eye out on Steam around Christmas as that's when you're going to get expansion packs for pennies in Developer Deals.
  12. I hope that there will be new weapons:D
  13. New weapons? I take it by that you're playing on Xbox or PS3, because otherwise there's a crapton of new weapons out there already in the mods kicking around.
  14. yeah I play on PS3